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wheelnmac asked 2 years ago

We use a Brita water pitcher. Can I fill my bottle with the brita water or should I fill it with tap water? Also at work there are lots of water dispensers. Is it ok to use the bottled dispenser water too? Thanks. Brian

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

You can use either water from Brita or tap water, it depends on your tap water quality…
Brita most likely contains some sort of activated carbon filtration media that removes VOCs and chlorine, GoFiltr doesn’t. 
GoFiltr removes heavy metals and infuses water with minerals and electrolytes, and makes water alkaline, Brita doesn’t.
So technically if you use Brita filtered water it’s probably the best way to go but if your tap water is not overly chlorinated and doesn’t contain much VOCs then GoFiltr alone can do the trick. We are planing to bring our “GoFiltr Pure” filters back at the end of this year so you could purify water (remove VOCs, heavy metals, etc) right inside your bottle but release date is TBD. 🙂 
hope this helps! 

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