Can you explain the subscription

Help & SupportCategory: GO-FILTR AlkalineCan you explain the subscription
Tracy Hoffman asked 2 years ago

Can you tell me in detail about the subscription

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Subscriptions are pretty simple. 

  1. Select a quantity (Alkaline or Electrolyte) that you’d like to receive. Let’s say you have a family of 3 and want to get one for yourself, one for a kid and one for husband… so you’d subscribe to quantity equaling 3.
  2. Subscribe. Your subscription will start once first shipment is processed and you will be charged every 3 months until you cancel, you will be notified 1 day before subscription renews in case you need to make any changes. 
  3. Quantity and product you selected will be automatically shipped every 3 months (actually a little less, about 1 week ahead so you never run out and always ready to replace) 

Other: you can cancel subscription ANYTIME in My Account, just make sure you cancel before product is shipped. You can also change your shipping address in case you move or would like to receive it at a different address (free shipping in continental USA only). If your credit card expires or we cannot process your payment we’ll send notification as well. Occasionally you may receive free samples of other products. 
if you have any issues with subscriptions you can always contact us at and we’ll try to resolve or match your need.
hope this helps! 

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