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Kelley asked 2 years ago

I can’t wait to use the 2 filters I recently putlrchased!! Do you have filters for water pitchers?

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Hi Kelly! We are excited that you are excited to use them! 😉
We do not make any filters for water pitchers specifically but if you already have lets say a glass pitcher then you can simply place one of the GoFiltrs in it – they are designed for up to 40oz bottles, pitchers, hydro packs or any other water container you can think of so you can use what you already have and love. If your pitcher is larger than 40oz then both Alkaline and Electrolyte will work but it will take longer to create alkaline + electrolyte water – it will get there but most likely will take about 45 minutes to an hour. Or you can place two to speed up the process. 
We specifically created GoFiltr so people can use any water bottle or pitcher they love – you know, the pretty stuff you can buy at Crate & Barrel or Amazon is so much more fitting in our households than plastic water filter jug that we used to hide in dark corner of the fridge 😉 
Hope this helps, but if you need more information just let us know!

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