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hey there
im thinking of getting a gofiltr for my hydro flask water bottle, but I want my water to be pure as well as healthy and full of minerals. My question is if I purchase your electrolyte filter will it also remove chlorine and pollutants as well or is the carbon filter the only one that does that?
See I want electrolytes & trace minerals but I don’t want all the other junk in tap water in there as well. Can I place both an electrolyte filter & carbon filter inside one water bottle? Why should I have to choose?
All in all I’m super excited to purchase from you guys as this is my first time but I do need clarification on some things

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GoFiltr Team answered 1 year ago

Hey there! this is actually VERY VERY excellent question but comes with a short and disappointing answer – the two don’t match…
Activated carbon that’s in Carbon Black (as any activated carbon in most water filters) does not work in alkaline water – once pH reaches about 8-9pH as part of re-mineralization process, the carbon pretty much renders itself useless (wish I knew that most of my water filters that have carbon actually do very little). Water filtration industry found other ways around it by developing silicon resins that still work in alkaline/mineralized water but our products are not well suited to use those, there are multiple downfalls like de-mineralization of water, plus silicon resins make water more acidic and when fail they can make your water taste like vinegar with pH actually below than vinegar – complete opposite of what we are trying to do.
Creating a universal purifier/re-mineralizer is our goal, we tested over 300 different carbons across the globe, including carbons that “marketed” to work in alkaline water but none of them hit the acceptable mark – testing in a lab in perfect scenario “protocol” vs Real-Life-Use tend to be very different, we do baseline tests in lab but we also take our mini-testing equipment around a town or few to see how things work and in some cases the “perfect lab data” fails miserably, so we keep refining and repeating 😉
We are currently working with a major carbon manufacturer to tune-up one promising carbon but that could take a while so can’t promise a specific date or if this product will be available since we are working on a completely different approach to this problem: we have few interesting products that’s coming in next couple of years, including  one that fits your use case 100%… where each filter last several years and it also re-mineralizes your water but we don’t expect this specific product to be available until 2021 – good things are not easy to make and they do take time. 
Sorry for the disappointing news, but hope this helps in some way!
~Team GoFiltr

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