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amlocki asked 2 years ago

can i add a tea bag in my water with the go-filtr? Or will it make the product not as effective?

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

GoFiltr definitely cannot be used in hot water, I assume you will be using hot water with the tea bag so that’s a definite no.
As far as using GoFiltr with a “infuser” teabag lets say in cold or warm water – we actually never thought of that so no tests were done in this scenario but we can test it out and report back before you purchase 🙂 but until then I wouldn’t suggest it… what kind of teabag and water temperature are you using?

amlocki replied 2 years ago

I use cold water and Stash brand tea bag. Like a Lipton tea bag.

GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

So it took us a while to test this since there were a lot of variations and nuances but here’s what we have: 
Two distinct topics since GoFiltrs have two properties (purification and making alkaline water) + one extra test that no one asked for but was fun to do.

  1. Purification: in most teas and coffee we tested, purification was almost inexistent just after few uses, especially in darker-colored beverages. Purification in lighter colored teas (light green, chamomile teas) lasted a bit longer – about two weeks but failed after. Darker teas (black, hibiscus, etc) failed purification almost immediately. 
  2. Alkalinity/pH: actually performed ok in cold/room temperature teas and coffee and lasted almost as long as in water, minus about 10 days (on average) from the original potency. It was very interesting to watch usually acidic coffee turning into alkaline coffee – never thought about making alkaline coffee before but interesting topic to dig deeper. Hot beverages – absolute no-no. Once in hot water, GoFiltr was over-activated and lasted only a few weeks after with very unpredictable pattern – sometimes it would over-alkalize, sometimes it would take much longer than usual and lifespan was dramatically decreased as well. We also tested in regular hot water and results were pretty much the same so keep beverages cool or at room temperature.
  3. Just for the sake of it we also tested both GoFiltr Alkaline and GoFiltr Electrolyte in vodka with hopes to remove impurities, and infuse it with electrolytes and minerals  to create a hangover-free alcoholic beverage – both purification and electrolyte infusion worked as expected but “hangover” results were inconclusive but we’ll keep trying 😉 

hope this helps! 😉 

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